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Cat asks mom to get his breakfast

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This urn was made for Kittyboy, whose mom owns Spirit Remains. Kittyboy came to her when he was a year old, and his owner couldn't take him where she was moving. His new mom had only had one other cat and wasn't looking to get another after the first died, but she agreed because of his situation, and because she's a pushover for animals. He was a beautiful orange tabby and such a sweet boy. He came into the new home which had two canine sisters, and they all got along fine. He was the perfect cat for his mom, who was wary of cats, because of experiences with their sudden scratching and biting behaviors. Kittyboy never scratched his mom, and the few times he bit her were small warning bites to let her know he didn't want to be petted any longer. He loved to be petted, especially in his older years, and his favorite thing was to be scratched under the chin with a hard wire brush

Kittyboy saw many canine sisters and brothers come and go throughout his 17 years in the home, and there was never a problem with any - this was mostly because his mom made sure the incoming dogs were kitty friendly. The most recent dog who joined the family liked to lick Kittyboy's face when he walked by. Kittyboy was old and slow by then and didn't figure out what was going on, until the licking was over. He was supposed to be an indoor boy, but when he learned how to use the doggy door, he became an indoor/outdoor kitty. Since they lived at the end of a dead-end street, where there was little traffic, surrounded by woods and a cemetery, his mom was not too worried. Plus, she watched him when he went outside, and he normally stayed in the backyard, sometimes surveying his domain from the top of the corner fence post. When he went in the front yard, he stayed at the end of the driveway but never crossed the street. She often called him to come back in, when she saw him at the end of the driveway. And like a good kitty, who behaved like a good dog, Kittyboy would run to the front door and come back in.

There were plenty of critters to be hunted in the back and side yards. Kittyboy often demonstrated his love to his mom with the critters he hunted and caught. He never ate them - there was plenty of delicious cat food indoors - but he liked playing with them. Sometimes, when he played too long, the little things would die. But he frequently brought in live and dead creatures. Among them were rabbits, bats (help!), moles, birds, and chipmunks. The birds and chipmunks were the most difficult to catch to release. One day, Kittyboy was found in the bathtub with a little mouse. This was the perfect spot to play, because the little mouse could not run up the sides of the tub. To his dismay, his mom caught the mouse and put it outside. The next day, she found Kittyboy back in the tub with a mouse. He was a smart little buy. Another time, she came home to find two dead mice, one larger than the other, neatly laid out on the living room floor side by side. It was as if Kittyboy knew his mom liked things neat, orderly, and symmetrical.

As he aged, he stayed indoors more and more. His mom didn't know if that was because she had installed a new double doggy door, with magnetic sides which was harder for him to open, or if he no longer cared about exploring. He often found new places to nap: under shelves, on dog beds, on the couch, on rugs, and in a basket. In his last year, until he felt too poorly, he would go to the front door and ask to go out on the patio to discuss whose property the young male cat, Barkley, from down the street was standing on. Upon seeing each other, they went nose to nose, and one time, Kittyboy's mom saw them swatting each other on the face. Even though the young cat could have beaten up Kittyboy, Kittyboy must have put out some bad vibes, because the young cat kept his distance and often backed away from him. There were times, when Barkley would run up and swat Kittyboy on the butt, as Kittyboy swaggered towards the open door where his mom was waiting. During his last few months, Kittyboy loved to lie by the new fireplace insert his mom had gotten. When she would open the glass door to add more wood, he would practically try to climb into the fire. The heat felt so good on his aching bones. The absence of Kittyboy in this home full of dogs is strongly felt. Sometimes, his mom thinks she sees him out of the corner of her eye. 

Kittyboy’s urn shows him from earlier days, when he would climb on his mom, while she was sleeping. He would gently touch her face to wake her, so she would get him some breakfast. The bed is covered with a beautiful bedspread of Japanese silk with matching throw pillows. There is a night stand next to the bed with a planter, a framed photo of Kittyboy, and a Sherlock Holmes murder mystery. A small throw rug which complements the bedspread is next to the bed. On the wall next to the bed are three framed paintings done by a friend of Kittyboy's mom. The overall dimensions of the urn are 8” x 8” x 9.5” (length x width x height). The interior dimensions of the box are 7.5” x 7.5” x 1.5”. Click on the photo to enlarge the picture of the urn, to view the interior with a framed photo of Kittyboy, as well as a close-up of the small framed photo of him, and the fabric pouch for his ashes, an unframed photo of him, and some of his fur. The very special handmade figurine of Kittyboy, which was a gift from her companion, was made by Lucy T. Francis of www.lucyfrancisminiatures.com. She does the most amazing artwork of people's pets. 


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