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Pet Cremation Urns > Dog on couch by coffee table
Dog on couch by coffee table

Price: $150.00
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Prod. Code: D0011CO

You may request a similar urn by clicking custom urn or custom urn with music box, or go to the bottom of the pet urns page - add $30 for music box. 

This urn features a wheaten Cairn terrier named Garth.  Not having Garth around has left a huge hole in his mom’s heart. He was a great big "Mama's Boy". He always knew where she was and did not like it when she was not around.  He was a big Cairn weighing 35 pounds, but such a lovable clown.  He was not your typical terrier with the prey instinct.  Instead of wanting to hurt them, Garth wanted to play with them. He treated all of his toys like his babies, and they were all under the bed with him, where he liked to spend a lot of his time. The morning of the day he passed, he was watching a ground squirrel outside the patio door. He was so excited, that he wanted to go check it out. Garth was feeling great that day, but by the evening he was gone. His mom and dad have no children, so all their “furries” are like children to them.  He brought lots and lots of joy into their lives and they are so grateful to have had him in their lives for as long as they did. 

Garth is on a settee with several biscuits at his feet. His toy teddy bear and a bright multicolored toy are on the couch with him.  On the coffee table are a book, some unopened mail, and a framed photo of him. The coffee table is sitting on a multi-colored hooked rug next to a houseplant. Garth's ball is under the coffee table and his basket of toys is next to the couch right at Garth's mouth level for easy access when he's on the floor. There are glittering hearts on the lid and two dog bones on the front of the base. The overall dimensions of this urn are 6.5" x 4.5" x 11" (length x width x height). The interior dimensions of the box are 6.5" x 4.5" x 4.5". Click on the image to view the interior of the urn and a photo of Garth with a big pink ball.


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