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Pet Cremation Urns > Cat on throne with minions below
Cat on throne with minions below

Price: $150.00
Availability: This urn is not in stock.
Prod. Code: C0012QC

You may request a similar urn by clicking custom urn or custom urn with music box, or go to the bottom of the pet urns page - add $30 for music box. 

This cat urn features a brown-grey tabby cat, Gertie, seated on her throne.  The throne sits on a multi-colored oriental rug. Next to her is a silver tea set on an oval, marble top table.  Gertie confidently looks over the heads of her minions (who are still with us, by the way), Oscar (orange tabby) and Simon (grey and white tabby).  What Gertie hasn't noticed is the male cardinal perched on the back of her throne; that is what Oscar and Simon are actually gazing at so longingly, but we will let Gertie dream on. There are four glittering hearts around the lid and a plaid cat and two milk bottles on the front of the base. The overall dimensions of the urn are 7.5" x 4.5" x 10.5" (length x width x height).  The interior dimensions of the box are 7.5" x 4.5" x 4".  Click on the image to view the interior of the urn. 


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