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Pet Cremation Urns > Dogs in spring garden
Dogs in spring garden

Price: $185.00
Availability: This urn is not in stock.
Prod. Code: D0034TD

You may request a similar urn by clicking custom urn or custom urn with music box, or go to the bottom of the pet urns page - add $30 for music box.

This urn features two dog buddies in their beautiful garden.  In reality, Jonesie, the smaller dog, is waiting for Poe to join her; the urn has two pouches to accommodate them both when the time comes.  Both Jonesie and Poe are lying in the grass with their daily doggie treats in front of them. There's an Adirondack chair with a cookbook where their "Dad" was sitting, and some garden tools that their "Mom" was using in the flower bed. There's also a birdbath where a white dove has landed. Four glittering hearts are on top of the urn and on the front are two "Woofs" and two dog bones. The overall dimensions of the urn are 9.75" x 5.75" x 12" (length x width x height). The interior dimensions of the box are 9.75" x 5.75" x 5.5".  Click on the image to see the interior of the urn.


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