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Custom Urn with Music Box
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Price: $250.00
Availability: custom urn
Prod. Code: E9999MB

Currently, pet urns on the pet urns page feature the following dog breeds (where a name is listed more than once indicates multiple urn designs): sheepdog, sheepdog, boxer, bull mastiff, yellow Labyellow Lab, cocker spaniel, beagle, golden retriever, golden retriever, golden retriever, blue merle sheltie, husky, Chesapeak Bay retriever, Alaskan malamute, beagle, German shepherd, dalmation, St. Bernard, Welsh pembroke corgi, West Highland terrier, doberman pincher, Boston terrier, shih tzu, chihuahau, pomeranian, pomeranian, great Dane, Staffordshire bull terrier, Bernese mountain dog, Irish setter, pug, maltese, American fox hound, and greyhound. We also have a variety of cat breeds available displayed at the top of the pet urns page: black shorthair, brown shorthair, black and white, orange tabby, calico, grey tabby, Siamese and Persian.  

Because the urn prices vary according to size and features, we have set the custom pet urn price to a median price.  Adding a music box to your custom urn increases the cost by $30.00. To choose a song, click music box songs and enter the choice to the right in the box with "add any additional requests here...". Depending on the size and features of your custom urn with a music box, you may be given a discount code to offset this price.  Similarly, if you design an urn which is more elaborate than the most expensive urn in our current selection, your cost may increase.  It's best if you contact us via e-mail at spiritremains@hotmail.com to discuss the urn features you want.  From there, we can finalize the details as well as the price of the urn.  When we have finalized the choices, you may fill out the custom urn form using the drop down boxes and add additional comments as well.  Select the breed, the scenario you would like, and the fabric for the ashes pouch.  Fabric swatches may be viewed by clicking fabric swatches. Various shaped and style boxes are available: rectangular, square, or oval; deep or shallow; and small, medium, or large.  The box will be chosen for you, based on the scenario chosen and the size of the breed, unless you have a special request regarding the type used. 


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