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Rainbow Bridge Custom Urn
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Price: $250.00
Availability: custom urn must be ordered
Prod. Code: RB001CU

This custom urn features a rainbow made of fabric with a heart suspended from the center and a wooden bridge over blue water where ducks are swimming. There's a tree by the bridge and a white dove with its wings spread is in the tree.  A figurine of a dog, cat, ferret, or rabbit is either next to the bridge or on it depending on the position and size of the figurine. The base of the urn is sky blue with big billowy clouds.  Inside the urn is a fabric pouch for the ashes and a picture frame to display a photo of your pet. The frame is attached with a velcro-like material so that you may change the photo if you like. The inside of the urn is large enough to hold items that belonged to your pet.      

Click on the photo to view three samples of the Spirit Remains Rainbow Bridge Custom Urn showing a dog, a cat and a ferret.  We have various figurines of birds, cats, dogs, ferrets and rabbits in various poses which can be added to the urn.  The drop down boxes allow you to choose what color tree you'd like and what type animal the urn is for - dog and cat breeds are listed alphabetically with mixed breed dog/cat before the choices of ferret or rabbit. Fabric swatches may be viewed by clicking fabric swatches. If you would like for us to paint the figurines to more closely resemble your pet, please e-mail one or more photos to spiritremains@hotmail.com.


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