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Pet Cremation Urns > Bird in garden with pond
Bird in garden with pond

Price: $180.00
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This urn was made for Flip, a domestic duck.  Flip was hatched at a school in science class and the teacher brought Flip home. The students named her, but at the time they thought Flip was a boy.  For a while, Flip lived in a residential setting, and even though she was becoming domesticated, her family decided that they shouldn't keep her.  Family members who lived in a more rural setting were better able to care for Flip, and they already had ducks on the property.  Flip loved it there with her new family, and her previous family was still able to visit her.  After many visits to the vet, they found out that Flip was a she. 

She had a great life living in a very pretty, grassy area on her family’s property.  There were trees and a small baby pool which she swam in. She had a mallard/muscovy duck friend named Mina.  Flip used to ring a little bell for her Mom to get her one of her favorite meals of romaine lettuce.  She was very lively and extremely smart. Flip loved playing outside and she dressed up for Halloween each year.

The top of the urn shows Flip standing next to a tree in her garden.  A white dove is landing on a branch of the tree.  Her best friend, Mina, is standing next to her near the pond where they can swim and play.  There's a frog next to the water and another one sunning on a rock sticking out of the pond.  A bed of blooming flowers is behind Flip and Mina.  Three hearts surround Flip and Mina.     

The dimensions of the urn are 7" x 4.5" x 14" (length x width x height).  The inside dimensions are 7" x 4.5" x 4".  Click on the image of the urn for a better view of it, as well as a view of the inside of the urn with a photo of Flip in her Halloween costume.  


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