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Printable Order Form
For Payments with Certified Check or Money Order



If you are either:
1. purchasing locally through a veterinary office or retail business, but are not paying them directly, or

2. purchasing online and not paying via PayPal


please print this form, fill it out, and mail the form with a certified check or money order to:


Spirit Remains

19 Hawthorn Hill

Louisville, KY, 40204


If you live outside the US and Canada, the shipping costs may be more than what's indicated on this form.  You may either send in the amount that you total here and later send in the additional shipping and handling amount after we determine what that would be. Or you may e-mail us first and include your shipping address to spiritremains@hotmail.com and we will send you the final total including additional shipping costs based on your foreign address.  


For US and Canada residents, please allow 1 week for items in stock, and 4 to 6 weeks for custom items. 

Also, because of constraints on the software used to create this website, when you print off the form, it won't be a pretty thing.  Printing in landscape mode may help.  Just make sure you fill out the important information and don't worry about how it looks.


Items Ordered:


Item Number 

Item Title



Dog Color(s)


e.g. D0004SL

e.g. Dog with sled

e.g. Alaskan Malamute

e.g. living room or hunting

e.g. brown

e.g. 130.00





































Plus 6% sales tax (KY residents only)


Plus $14 for shipping and insurance and $2 for handling


   $30 Music box (if applicable)  





Additional comments or preferences for urn.

Specify here what you want for your custom urn. Or, if you want something a bit different than what was pictured on the Pet Urns page, please indicate it here*:






* While every effort will be made to create an urn to your specifications, in cases where items

are not available, we will contact you so you can make an alternate selection.  


If you are purchasing through a local veterinary or retail store and will pick up the urn there, do not include shipping on your check or money order, but do include handling.   

For more items, include a second form.


Customer Information


*First Name ________________________

*Last Name ________________________

Company    ________________________

*Email        ________________________

*Phone       _________________________



*Required fields.

Shipping Address (or business where you purchased the urn and where you will pick it up) 

 Business name_______________________

*Address Line ________________________

*City  _______________________________

*State/Province _______________________

*Zip/Postal Code ______________________


Thank you for ordering from Spirit Remains. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at: spiritremains@hotmail.com.