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If you'd like to make a comment about this website or our pet cremation urns, or if you'd like to send us a tribute about your pet, please send it from the feedback form page.  We will post the comments here, especially if they're complimentary. ;-) Don't forget to check the box if we may post your comments here. 


Dolly is quite cute! 

Dolly on January 28, 2006

Maddie is much cuter! 

Maddie on January 28, 2006

I think the cat is quite handsome! Meow! 

Anonymous on January 28, 2006

Site looks great! Please keep me on your distribution list. The pups like to see your new creations. Dolly is very cute. ;) 

Jen Murphy on February 25, 2006

Great site. I'm impressed. I'm sharing this with my wife who is on several dog lists (mostly for our wire fox terriers) and suggesting she might want to share with them as well.

Mark on March 28, 2006

I was deleting old emails and found several from you when you were customizing a beautiful urn for my beloved late Gidget, sadly, at the same time that you learned you were losing Dolly. I hope that all has gone well with your newest (at the time) family member, Shelby, and that you are all happy and doing well. 
It brought back such nice memories when I reread your emails, but I also felt so bad for you with your loss. Our correspondence (and the lovely urn) convinced me that you are truly a person of the heart. I have a small group of friends who believe animals are equal to humans in many ways (and superior in some, but I could digress forever), but few people recognize or admit that. I will continue to spread the word about your talents with loving memorials to our animal companions and hope that you succeed in whatever you desire in life.
Warmest regards and Happy Holidays! 
Amy, Gidget's mom (brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier, bench, pink tree)

Amy on December 21, 2006

We opened the box last night and it is just perfect.  What a wonderful job you did.

Buel, Beevo's dad            

Buel on February 16, 2007

I cannot tell you how much I love the urn you made for Caesar.  My baby boy finally has a home that I think he would have liked and that I am proud to show off.  Most people laugh at my love for Caesar, or the fact that I consider him to be my first born child, but you were the 1st person to actually understand my love.  I think you portrayed this love in his urn.  Thank you for answering my prayers of giving Caesar a home as opposed to the box that the vet sent him home in. My family appreciates all you have done for us.  Again, thanks so much and best wishes!

Amber, Caesar's mom

Amber on April 4, 2007

It took me three years to get to the point that I could finally decide what I wanted to do with Rej and Jules.  I felt I could not scatter their ashes outside and then, luckly, I came across the article in the Courier Journal.  I am so pleased and at peace with myself now that I have this beautiful work of art for them to call their new "chair". There are so many things that you captured that you did not know, such as Julian sleeping on his back.  The cookbook on the ottoman was also perfect since Julian loved his table food. Rejjie used to sit on the deck, paws over the railing and smile. I keep a picture on the fridge of his smile and I know that he is smiling now that he has a special place to stay.  He was a lost soul, declawed and neutered with no place to go and had been living in the elements.  After months of vet visits and meds I promised him he would never live outside again.  Now he is well kept and with his best friend.  Thanks so much for helping me keep my buddies together. My buddies, your buddy misses you!
Thanks again.

Susie, Rejrat's and Julian's mom

Susie on April 18, 2007

I'm writing to thank you for helping me to design an urn to hold the ashes of my dear old Blue Merle Sheltie, Lillie, who died in March of this year.  Not only is your artwork of the highest quality and designed to be unique to the pet being memorialized, but your compassion for your clients who have lost companions very dear to them was wonderful.  Clearly, you have been there.  Thanks again.  Let me know if I can do anything to help more people learn about your "urn art."

Colleen, Lillie's mom

Colleen on June 15, 2007

I have purchased 2 urns from Spirit Remains and am delighted with both.  The ability to honor a beloved pet this way does seem to help with the sense of loss.  All Pet Owners/Lovers should consider a Spirit Remains urn when losing a pet.

Val, Jonesie's mom

Val on June 27, 2007

All is well and I love it!  I appreciate all that you have done for me and Carly…The little doggie figure looks just like her by the way…Good Job!  I still feel like she’s still here hanging out and it’s especially nice to have that urn now because I have it sitting up on the wall on Carly’s side of the bed (now both cats side) to where when I want to take a minute and reflect upon her I can just sit there and day dream while staring at what you created. Much better then a brown box!                                                                                                                                                          Justin, Carly's dad

Justin on July 26, 2008

I actually received the urn this morning! I am really surprised at how fast it got here. I opened it very carefully; but when I got to the urn...

I sobbed. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. It makes me cry just looking at it. When I wound the key and played the music box I cried even harder.

I love it so much. I think I will actually leave the photo in it that you placed because it looks like he's peering out at me. I'm so glad to have ordered it from you - it's so much more personal that the plain boxes I found everywhere else.

Thank you so much; I will keep your e-mail on hand for when I need another one.

Victoria, Mr. Nibbles' mom                                      

Victoria on March 2, 2009

We received the urn on Tuesday and we love it. My daughter, Sherry, has taken it to work and everybody could not get over it. I hope that we will get you some business. I know I will be telling my friends. We appreciate what you do, it makes things a little easier when we think of Tiger. I have it sitting on my table in my dining room. Sherry and I wish you health and happiness and keep up the good work. Thank you again. 

Cindy, Tiger’s mom

Cindy on September 12, 2009

Got in late last night.  The urn arrived safely and it's absolutely wonderful.  Thank you so much for the care and concern you showed while crafting the urn.  We love it.

Pamela and Charles, Dante's mom and dad

Pamela and Charles on October 17, 2009

I received the urn today and it is absolutely perfect.  I had prepared myself that I would sob when I saw it but it captures the personality and playfulness of Morgan so well that I actually smiled (and still am) with how fitting it is for my baby.   She (and Kahlua, hopefully not for awhile, though) has a truly special and fitting place for her earthly remains, which will go on our living room mantle next to my cat, Sabbi, who was a great big sister to Kahlua and Morgan.  I can’t even begin to thank you for your amazing work, finding a non-generic urn for a ferret (let alone two) was very hard but I am so happy I kept looking and didn’t “settle” for what was available at most places.  You have made a very difficult and sad time a little easier.

Megan, Morgan's mom

Megan on November 12, 2009

Nancy, we get our mail kind of late around here and I just got it. It is so awesome. It is just perfect for Shaddoe's remains and for me. I love it so very much. I cleared off an end table in the living room that I put knick knacks on. I put her urn in the middle and then I put a few of the dog knick knacks around it. I think it looks so cool there. Perfect resting place for Shaddoe. The pouch was just perfect, everything is perfect. Thank you so very much for all the loving care you put into it and for all the help with me. All is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and never stop making these. They really help people like me feel at peace knowing their friend has such a cool and unique place to rest. Thank you so much.

Christa, Shaddoe's mom

Christa on July 30, 2010

We received your package today and we are very, very happy with the urn you sent.  You did a wonderful job with your creation which represents Bonnie so well.  Your careful packaging ensured the urn arrived just as it was sent.  Thank you so much for all of your efforts including your many E-Mails which kept us well informed of your progress.

Patrick and Mary, Bonnie's parents 

Patrick and Mary on September 7, 2010

I got the package today. I cried, because it is just what I wanted. I put it on the night stand next to my bed, next to my father's and brother's picture. They have both passed on, too. I continue to visit Rainbow Bridge website. I tell them how sorry I am for their loss, and at the end I just leave your website for them. I want to help others in their grief. They all have helped me so much. You gave me just what I wanted, even though I didn't know what I wanted when I started looking. Your site helped me in my search. I will always be grateful for your help. If I can help you in anyway, just let me know. I’m enclosing the pic of where it is sitting. Thanks again.

Pat, Chrissy's mom

Pat on February 1, 2011

Yes, it arrived safely yesterday and it is really adorable - I love it.  I took it to work today and was showing some of the people I work with and everyone agreed that it was truly unique.  I have 2 more old ones so will probably order more from you in the future, hopefully not too soon, lol.  Thanks again - you did a great job on it and I am very pleased.

Marie, Gwen's mom

Marie on March 23, 2011

As I searched through endless pages online...looking for a pet loss site, I saw an ad for Spirit Remains.  I had looked at several urns for my precious, white miniature schnauzer, Gibson...just 2yrs. old when he was killed by a passing car after escaping from his daycare yard.  The urn search was the most gut-wrenching experience...though many were lovely, their sadness and final-ness would send me into a deeper depression than I was already experiencing and I wondered if I would ever be able to accomplish finding him an urn.  When I looked more closely at Spirit Remains and saw that the urns were custom made...and they were a 'celebration' of your pets individual life...and didn't dwell on the end, I immediately contacted Nancy.

I really can't express the level of devastation I was feeling at that time, as I myself had found my beloved pet on the roadside as I headed out to help look for him.  I could not get past that.  It haunted me.  I was consumed with that 'last' image.  I talked with Nancy for some time that first call.  She was so kind, she listened, she felt like an immediate friend, one who genuinely felt my pain, cared about my loss and took 'time' with me,  not with a sales pitch, but with a sympathetic, 'hearing' ear. 

It took a while, but I started to ease away from the tragedy to help Nancy with the design...as this was a celebration of his life, I had to leave that roadside and travel back to the previous 2 years, find the joy, the laughter, the memories of 'him', my friend, my little soulmate...and then together, Nancy and I composed the most amazing 'story' of Gibson...his personality, his beauty, my love for him.  She took everything I told her, everything I suggested, she incorporated it and made me embrace my life with Gibson...and the end result is the most beautiful, perfect resting place for my boy that could have been found.  When I put him there, I quit seeing him as ashes, as just gone...I would pass and know he was there with all the things he loved most, in the center of all the activity in his home, with people stopping to touch and smile at the brilliant, beautifully created final home of such a precious being.  The journey I took to be part of this creation was as therapeutic as any professional counseling and led me gently into a healing mode, a place I could not find on my own.  I know there are many tears more to come and too many months and years of missing, but I saw an outstretched  hand in my darkness, a beaconed guide... and I am forever grateful.

I have and will continue to encourage anyone who is dealing with their pet's death...to seek out Spirit Remains and receive not only a lovely, life-honoring memorial for your pet to go home to...but also a compassionate, obliging, patient, professional service...an absolute one of a kind...just like the one of a kind pet you shared your life with. 

...ever indebted,

Susanne,  Gibson's mom

Susanne of May 23, 2011

Rudy's new home arrived this afternoon.

Johnny and I opened the package after my work and it has arrived safe and sound.
The pictures were amazing, but to see the actual result, it is so beautiful, and the craftsmanship's is fantastic.
Nancy, you do such great works of art.
The words are really failing me to say just how beautiful Rudy's new home is.
It was a very difficult process to open the box and take out Rudy's new home and then transfer him.
Had to do it today, and it is, I guess in a way ironic, as today marks one year that Johnny, Rudy and I moved
into our new home last year and today Rudy's new home arrives.
Think it was fate and was meant to be.
Johnny and I thank you so much for everything you have done in making Rudy's new home and being there
to help us through all of this.
Petra (and Johnny), Rudy's mom and dad 

Petra and Johnny on July 19, 2011

I was unbelievably honored and lucky to be Gus's mom even if only for one year. My tiny little boy left such an imprint on me it will last my lifetime, and he did it in such a short period of time.

When Gus passed, it was so important to me to find an urn for his ashes that represented Gus's life with me and, that his urn be almost as special of a creation as my little guy was. I knew this wouldn't be an easy task, but once I found Spirit Urns, I was positive I'd found it!

What I hadn't realized was Nancy takes the time to get to know the relationship you had with your pet. Through my loss of Gus, I have now been lucky enough to form a personal relationship with Nancy. Many details on Gus's urn were copied from our home and the rest were either my choices because of my Gus's personality or Nancy's brilliant suggestions! Each urn is one of kind just like each pet! Though I knew Nancy's creation for Gus would be stunning, I was blown away and brought to tears when it arrived. Nothing on this Earth could be more fitting for my boy! Thank you, Nancy!

Jen, Gus's mom

Jen on October 7, 2011

The urn arrived today.  Pam was overwhelmed.  She could not believe the way you captured everything.  She said it looked exactly like the way it was when she used to peer out her window and keep an eye on the ducks. She was amazed and loved the pouch.  She said the ashes fit perfectly.  She also said that the picture when she opened the box was a nice touch.  I think the urn helped her realize that she gave Flip a wonderful life and she can see it every time she passes the urn on the mantel. Again, I can't thank you enough and I hope we continue to stay in touch.  I truly feel that you have the right touch and ability to assist pet owners with the loss of their beloved pets and make their healing process much easier. Take care.

Lorie, Flip's first mom

Lorie on April 7, 2012 (for sister-in-law, Pam)

I received Aspen's urn today in perfect condition - thank you so much. It's beautiful - and you captured Aspen's coloring and spirit perfectly. It looks just like her right down to the collar and heart. Receiving it has been emotional for me, but I feel like I have finally brought her home. 

I'll give the brochures to my daughter to bring to Aspen’s "swimming coach" at the hospital. I'm going to take a picture of Aspen's urn along with the photograph you worked from and include that with the brochures. I'll take pictures of Rockie's urn too. 

Thank you for all you have done to help me through a very difficult time. The urn you created honors everything I feel about Aspen. I hope that the brochures bring you together with more families looking for a more creative and meaningful way to remember their pets. 

Although I never thought I would - I decided to get another dog. For me life is just not as good without a dog. Once I decided I wanted another dog, I knew I wanted a rescue. I found a puppy online. 

We adopted her from a foster home and changed her name. She is 6 months old, 35# and she looks mostly Lab, except that the hair on her back is wavy and stands up kind of like a Mohawk – but it suits her personality. She may be Lab and Chesapeake Bay retriever. She is very, very sweet and affectionate – just wants some loving. She plays hard but is very mellow – right now she is sleeping under my desk. I attached a few photos so you can see her. 

Thank you again for everything! 

Laurie, Aspen's mom

Laurie on August 20, 2012

The urn arrived today and it is absolutely wonderful. All your attention to detail is great. If you would like to get your brochures distributed around the Denver area, I would be happy to do that for you. I know other animal lovers would love the uniqueness of the urn and the personalization that goes into them. Again thank you so much for you kindness. Now I can look at the urn and think of Garth with a smile and remember all the good times we had together. 

Best Regards, 

Vicky, Garth’s mom 

Vicky on August 28, 2012

We received it yesterday. Thank you so much. It is breathtaking and means the world to us. You truly are an artist who captures the soul of your subjects.

Brittany, Rudy's mom

Brittany on February 26, 2013

 We received our urn today as a gift from our dear friends. It is a remarkable piece of artwork. We were impressed by the detail work on the dog figurine and we especially love that you wrote his story on your website as well. Thank you for creating such a beautiful unique piece for our Rocco. 

Diane, Rocco's mom                                                                                                                          

Diane on March 8, 2016

OMG, that is so crazy special!  It's beautiful.  Thank you so very much.

Greg, Jaxon's dad

Greg, on July 7, 2016

I gave it to her Friday and she loved it.  I would love one for my Sheltie, Jack.  

Steve, who surprised his Mom with an urn for her dog, Dudley

Steve on March 20, 2017

Thanks very much for the beautiful urn.

The remains of Bolle fit perfectly and there is enough space to fit Harry when it's his time. It took some time with all the back and forward emailing and the shipping time, but it was all worth it. 

Thanks again and see the attached picture.

Sander, Bolle's (and Harry's) dad, who lives in The Netherlands

Sander on August 24, 2017

What a lovely story about the boys and me! You captured our relationship in words just as you did on the urn.

Steve, Jake's and Murdock's dad

Steve on February 23, 2018

We just received Maddie's urn. Everything looks beautiful. It's even better in person. The urn made it here safe and sound. We appreciate all the work you put into it.

Colleen, Maddie's mom

Colleen on October 22,2018



Dolly is in this photo taken the first week that she came to us, in September of 2005 - that's her urn on the right.  On 3/27/06, we found out that Dolly had kidney and lung cancer.  For a little over a month, she stayed at home, relaxing, and taking some medications to keep her comfortable.  On April 28th, she stopped eating, and two days later she lost interest in playing ball; we knew it was time to let her go.  She died on May 1st and never lost her sweetness in spite of her illness.  



Mary Lou's Blues by Caroline Dahl, whose "CDs feature original, energetic, piano-driven instrumentals in American roots styles of boogie-woogie, swing & blues, accompanied by bass, drums, and sax or violin."  



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